10 September, 2007

The Brazzaville Ninjas!

Suna ca o trupa pop, nu? Aproape adevarat, fiind vorba si de un "chitarist" ;)
Din pacate e vorba de cockroaches. With guns!
Rebel leader due in Congo capital.
An advance party of around 300 former rebel fighters have arrived in the Congolese capital, Brazzaville, to welcome their leader Pastor Ntumi. He is expected to return to the capital for the first time since leaving to fight a guerrilla war against the government 10 years ago. He signed a peace agreement in April which gives him a government position.
He will serve as junior minister responsible for peace and reparations in return for disbanding his militia. The former fighters, who call themselves the Ninjas, are a semi-religious group led by the guitar-playing Pastor Ntumi, whose real name is Frederick Bintsamou. Pastor Ntumi transformed his rebel movement into a political party at the beginning of the year.


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